YouTuber Archie Hamilton explains how he managed to buy 4 supercars

by Connor Bennett


Popular car YouTuber Archie Hamilton Racing has explained just how he has been able to afford to own a number of supercars without striking it rich by winning the lottery or uncovering oil.

Like many car YouTubers, Archie Hamilton has been able to impress fans with his car collection. Be it an Audi R8 or the Range Rover SVR sport – which he ended up selling anyway because his viewers weren’t all that keen on it – he’s gotten behind the wheel of some impressive vehicles.

While YouTube can be a pretty nice way to make money, he hasn’t exactly gained subscribers or viewing numbers like PewDiePie that would probably allow him to purchase the majority of his dream cars. However, Archie has explained just how he has been able to afford owning four supercars in his YouTube career.

YouTube: Archie Hamilton Racing
YouTube: Archie Hamilton Racing
The YouTuber has shown off a wide variety of cars on his channel.


In his explanation video, the YouTuber teamed up with Tim from Magnitude Finance company to – unsurprisingly – talk about how he has financed his cars in the past, which has allowed him to own a wide variety.

While the complexities of financing a car could seem pretty boring, the conversation between the pair kept things pretty interesting – with them noting that Archie has been able to get out of deals like the SVR by putting down a bigger deposit than perhaps the cheapest deal around. 

“I’ve had all these cars and I’ve just got in and out of them safely and I want to get that across because without that, I wouldn’t have been able to drive not even one of them – and that is what is so insane,” he said. “I wouldn’t have been able to buy a Lamborghini, buy a Corvette, all my dream cars. The only reason I’ve been able to buy them is because of finance because I don’t personally have that money in the bank.”


Though, like anything involving a contract, there are risks for getting out early – which the YouTuber has done on occasion. As for a rough estimate in penalties, Archie’s have come out between £50,000 and £70,000 – yet that gets paid off over time. 

Of course, the method of financing doesn’t quite work for everyone, as Archie himself said that he’s been a “lucky boy” with it all.

As he noted himself, that sort of penalty money could easily pay for a brand-new car or be a deposit for something quite special but for whatever he has lined up next, fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled.