Logan Paul has hilarious reaction to damaging $400k Rolls Royce

by Connor Bennett


YouTube star Logan Paul had a pretty hilarious reaction to denting his friend’s $417,000 Rolls Royce, after he decided to jump on top in order to get some shots for his newest vlog. 

When he isn’t recording his popular imPaulsive podcast, or linking up with his brother Jake, Logan Paul captures parts of his life to go into his quick-hit vlogs. 

The vlogs, which are much shorter than some other YouTuber’s, give an inside look into whats going on in his life – with the majority of it being pretty funny and entertaining, even if it comes at a huge cost to Logan’s wallet. 

YouTube: imPaulsive
Logan Paul produces a tonne of content that fans can get their hands on.


In his January 31 vlog, We Caught A Monster Shark, the Paul brother gave a behind-the-scenes look at some of his recent hijinx – filling a house with a wide array of social media personalities, as well as showing off how he came up with his controversial coronavirus Instagram post.

In the midst of all that, though, he conducted a photoshoot using a friend’s Rolls Royce and in order to get some killer photographs, he jumped right on top. However, within seconds of doing so, Logan had managed to damage the hood. 

“I didn’t think it would pop that easy,” the YouTuber said after trying to push it back into place from the outside. Obviously, that didn’t quite work so he had to try from the inside which worked slightly better – yet, it seemed like he was still facing a massive bill for the repairs, so he had to plug his merch store in hilarious fashion.

Timestamp of 33 seconds for mobile viewers.



Though, as night turned into day, one of his other pals – Milton – had another idea to get the damage bugged out and have the luxury car looking as good as new.

He took a kettle of hot water and poured it over the damage, explaining that the heat should see the bodywork “bubble back” into place. 


However, seeing as his vlog ended without any successful showing of repairs, it still seemed like the YouTuber was going to need to pay up for his damages.

Even though he can probably easily afford it and it might not be as costly as he thought, Logan might just want to reconsider jumping on top of a car next time because of this one.