Car YouTuber reveals how much he makes and it’s impressive

Burlacher reveals YouTube moneyYouTube: Burlacher

For many, YouTube is a fantastic source of entertainment. But, with so many full-time YouTubers making a viable career from the platform, it is often speculated how much YouTubers earn. Well, car YouTuber Burlacher has revealed exactly how much he makes from the video-sharing platform.

YouTubers are often a misunderstood breed, with many thinking they have an ‘easy’ job, but the reality is very different.

Between filming, editing, scheduling, and coming up with new content, the life of a YouTuber is actually very busy indeed. One such YouTuber in the car community is Burlacher, who has starred in a number of videos with TheStradman.

With a number of subscribers asking about the amount he makes through his YouTube channel, Burlacher has now released a video detailing exactly what his income is through YouTube. Not only that, but he also breaks down the success and growth of his channel, to show that it is not an “overnight” success.

How much car YouTubers earn per year

Burlacher YouTube financesYouTube: Burlacher
While 2018 wasn’t a massive success for Burlacher, it still showed good signs of growth.

For a spot of context, Burlacher started his channel in 2018, and started “taking it seriously” during 2019. While a number of his early videos are now hidden, he still shares with us the growth phase of the channel.

With a current subscriber count of 225k, Burlacher had his channel monetized at the end of 2018. This in itself is an achievement, requiring 4000 viewing hours within the last year, and at least 1000 channel subscribers.

In the closing months of 2018 after being monetized for the first time, he earned just over $400. While that isn’t an insane amount, it is still impressive given his relatively low subscriber count and lack of channel awareness at that point.

During 2019 though, things spiraled rapidly. He does admit that he “had help” from his housemate James (TheStradman) which no doubt helped boost his public knowledge, along with the donation of his first camera from James.

Clip starts at 6:00

In 2019, as the account was getting into its stride and he started taking YouTube seriously, he earned a total of $22,810.09.  “It completely blew away any expectation I had” stated Burlacher.

It was also a sporadic pattern to his earnings, as he explained: “When you’re not making the content, you’re not making revenue… it wasn’t overnight, it was just a slow, steady growth.”

However, 2019 looks like pocket change compared to his 2020 revenue to date (Nov 18). In total, the revenue for Burlacher’s channel is a whopping $36,958.44 for the year so far – far more than the average US wage.

In total, since the beginning of his channel, he has made just over $60,000.00 – impressive stuff for what many may consider to be a ‘smaller’ channel. With his continued growth and new content, there’s no doubt Burlacher’s channel, and therefore his earnings, will continue to grow.