5 must-see deleted scenes from The Grand Tour Mozambique special

Alan Bernal

Fans of The Grand Tour got a sneak peek of five hilarious moments behind the making of the Mozambique special that took the collective of James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson on the quest to ‘end world hunger.’

As ambitious as the endeavor was, the gang, as is typical, took their own approach of how to attack the mission that didn’t necessarily pan out for them.

While each had a somewhat sensible approach for bringing fresh fish to the city of Bingo, some-200 miles away from the coast, they were all met with disaster along the way.

It’s here where The Grand Tour’s production picks and chooses which moments are worth immortalizing in the episode or get cut, but the DRIVETRIBE channel gave a great look at the “things you weren’t allowed to see” in the special.

James May fixing Mercedes for The Grand Tour Mozambique special.
The cars that the Grand Tour hosts chose for the Mozambique special obviously had their issues.

As expected, May’s tank of fish in the haul of his 1984 Mercedes Wagon didn’t go well for the motorist. While the plan had some structure, the sea water from the tank would constantly overflow, leaving him drenched and the fish wanting for a sustainable environment to live.

In one of the outtakes, he can be seen giving one of the smaller fish a memorial of sorts. Unfortunately, with the amounts of sea creatures that didn’t make it to the final destination, this could have been one of many outtakes of a similar nature that didn’t make the cut.

Later on, he is seen fashioning a makeshift distributor for his car with a plastic water bottle. As funny as that stint of ingenuity was, May had a scary moment when a radiator cap shot out while he and a producer were taking a look at his beat-up vehicle.

The next outtake showed the trio crossing the ‘Indian Ocean,’ as the low tide created a wetland that stretched for miles.

Finally, of course, the extra footage included another moment in a long series of wet failures for him, as he attempted to drive in reverse with his fish tank full. The moment is brilliantly capped off by Clarkson having the time of his life at the expense of his long-time friend.

While The Grand Tour and its audiences can’t wait to continue the celebrated series, it’s these sort of moments that will keep the fans entertained until the postponed season can finally be realized.