CoD Vanguard February 3 update: Welgun nerfs, S&D plant fix, full patch notes

Jaret Kappelman
Vanguard Feb 3 patch notes Welgun nerf

Call of Duty: Vanguard received a new update on February 3, which nerfed the Welgun but also fixed a problem with silent plant in Search and Destroy. The deadly SMG is getting tuned down while the devs continue to fix the game’s bugs. Here are the full patch notes.

Season 1 Reloaded of Vanguard brought the Welgun to the World War II game and it has been devastating on the battlefield. So much so, that a couple of its attachments are getting nerfed since the devs feel it has been “over performing.”

While Sledgehammer Games have committed to fixing issues in the FPS game, they are already patching a January 31 update that failed. The silent plant feature was introduced but wasn’t working as intended.  However, this patch corrected it and players will no longer be able to hear if someone is plating or defusing a bomb.

Along with some camo progression adjustments and bug fixes, the February 3 update fixed some lingering concerns that have been in Vanguard.

Vanguard February 3 update: Welgun nerfs, S&D plant audio fix, more

This patch is highlighted by a nerf to the Welgun, which has been extremely good since its release. The devs noted that two attachments have been tuned down as a bug caused them to make the weapon stronger. SHG did not mention which attachments were glitched.

Also, CDL players and fans are rejoicing as silent planting in Search and Destroy is now working properly. Players will no longer be able to hear when someone is planting or defusing a bomb, adding some more difficulty to the mind games. With the Season kicking off on February 4 this is great for the competitive scene.

On top of these changes, the devs are making the Panzerfaust launcher easier to shoot down Spy Planes as well as getting longshots. So now it will be less stressful to unlock camos with this. You can check out everything that’s included here.

Vanguard February 3 full patch notes

Vanguard Feb 3 update
The February 3 Vanguard update nerfed the Welgun and fixed an audio issue in Search and Destroy.



  • Panzerfaust
    • Panzerfaust has been modified to be more effective against Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes
    • Splash damage kills from the Panzerfaust launcher will now count towards Longshots
  • Welgun
    • Fixed a bug affecting two attachments for the Welgun, causing it to overperform


  • Attack on Titan Bundle
    • The Ultrahard Steel MVP Highlight no longer shows the wrong animation in the preview
  • Enjoy the Retreat
    • The Demo Kit Blueprint for the Type 100 no longer blocks visibility when ADS-ing with a 3-6x scope


  • Incendiary Grenade
    • Smoke has been reduced (change implemented Jan 27)

Private Matches

  • Search and Destroy
    • Silent Plant option now works in Private Matches