Vanguard players demand change to counter “unbalanced” Incendiary Grenades

Vanguard incendiary gameActivision

CoD: Vanguard players have been complaining about the effectiveness of Incendiary Grenades ever since they came as part of Season 1. With no word of an update, fans are now calling for classic CoD attachments to help counter the overpowered grenades.

Vanguard Season 1 brought a lot of new content to the game, mostly through the new Battle Pass for players to grind through. From the Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle to a handful of new Operator skins, the first season shook up Vanguard in a big way.

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But perhaps the unlockable that has left the biggest mark, controversially so, on the latest CoD is Iincendiary Grenades. After players already reported that multiplayer was dominated too heavily with explosions from mortars or grenades, incendiaries were an unwelcome addition to online loadouts.

The visibility issues that have been plaguing Vanguard since launch have only been made worse by this new unlockable, as the smaller maps are now engulfed in fire and smoke. Now, players are desperately calling for something to help counter the poor visibility.

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incendiary grenade in VanguardActivision
Incendiary Grenades are unlocked by hitting tier 39 of this Battle Pass.

Reddit user SubZeroZeusYT made the case for classic CoD attachments like thermal scopes returning, as a way of seeing enemies through the smoke. While it wouldn’t completely stop Incendiary Grenades from being effective, it would help matches be a little more manageable.

Small or dark maps like Shipment have been made virtually unplayable since the update, and trying to bag long shots when the whole area is covered in thick smoke has proved to be a nightmare.

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Being able to equip something to see through smoke would help give players a counter, and could even introduce another tactical dimension to multiplayer games. At the moment, however, with no way of combating them, Incendiary Grenades are being spammed to simply cause chaos.

Of course, given that CoD Vanguard is set in WWII, thermal scopes would stick out like a sore thumb. But the poster says they “don’t care about realism at this point,” they just want to see where they are shooting.

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Despite the carnage they have caused in modes like Domination or Hardpoint, many players feel that the idea of incendiaries are not a bad one. Instead, they say that are just “balanced so terribly” that they’re “ruining games.

Of course, the easiest way to combat Incendiary Grenades would be with a patch from Sledgehammer Games, or to remove them completely. But if the devs don’t want to tamper with an item featured on the Battle Pass, a new perk or attachment could be the way to go.

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