Why Atlanta FaZe are not unstoppable!

. 1 year ago
Dexerto / Call of Duty League

Atlanta FaZe look scary going into the Stage 4 Major, but their dominance in the CDL isn’t guaranteed. Here are key takeaways that FaZe will have to look out for.

Their SMGs in Simp and Cellium are just too potent to isolate, but there’s a much more vulnerable piece to their game: their ARs.

If FaZe’s anchors can’t support the Tiny Terrors, CDL teams can exploit a key part of Atlanta’s offense. Couple that with choice map picks that FaZe aren’t comfortable on, and they start to look vulnerable.

There’s a lot of expectations for the top-seed at the Stage 4 Major, but there’s going to be plenty of teams looking to play spoiler at the LAN event.

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