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What’s coming in next Modern Warfare & Warzone update: Maps, more

Published: 10/May/2020 16:46 Updated: 10/May/2020 16:50

by Andy Williams


Modern Warfare’s Season 3 has brought a ton of content and with just over a month until Season 4, here’s what we can expect from Infinity Ward in their May 12 patch.

Modern Warfare Season 3 shook up the meta once again on April 8, as they reintroduced Alex as a Warcome Operator along with a plethora of content — including some brand new multiplayer maps, weapons and playlists.

Besides the controversial ordeal with Warzone’s Bounty Contracts, Infinity Ward added a dedicated Quads playlist into and re-introduced Trios as part of Season 3. But with half of the season still left to go, what else do the developers have up their sleeve?

Modern Warfare Season 3 roadmap.
We’ve almost ticked off all the boxes on the Season 3 roadmap.

New Modern Warfare maps

Players have been promised two additional multiplayer maps as part of the content that is dropping throughout Season 3 — both of which are yet to make their debut.

Former MW3 multiplayer map, Hardhat, has been remastered and is set to make its grand entrance during a “mid-season update” according to one of Modern Warfare’s Design Directors, Joe Cecot.

Tuesday, May 12 certainly looks like the most promising date to lineup with Cecot’s confirmation (given that we’re just over the mid-point of Season 3 now). Moreover, players can expect the anticipated ‘Aisle 9’ Gunfight map to join the map pool as part of the same update.

New Operator?

But where is Iskra? Iskra is the only Operator from the Season 3 roadmap not to make their first appearance in-game, that’s if you discount the oversight that saw her bundle temporarily appear in-store. So it is quite possible that players could be meeting Iskra sooner rather than later — perhaps even during this update.

Iskra Operator bundle in Modern Warfare.
The Iskra Operator bundle briefly appeared in-game before being removed.

Modern Warfare & Warzone bug fixes

As with every update, there will be some hotfixes to bugs in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. According to the developer’s Trello board, there are a few issues that are expected to be patched in an upcoming update (listed below).


  • Fixed regiments causing error ‘13-71.’
  • Fixed Season 3 emblems that are appearing with developer names.
  • Resolved character model eyes — weren’t “looking the way they should.”
  • Rectified Operator’s watch animation — wasn’t appearing correctly when gesturing.


  • Fixed corrupted white lighting that appeared while moving and firing a weapon near certain areas.
  • Fixed players being in a state where they couldn’t interact with the team’s Loadout Drop after being brought back into the match.
  • Removed ‘revive prompt’ that would appear on character models even though they were alive.
Player being revived in Warzone.
Some Warzone players were stuck with a revive prompt after being brought back.

Along with the above content drops and bug fixes, there will likely be some changes to multiplayer playlists, along with some Double XP events where players will be able to earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP and Double Battle Pass tier progression.

Infinity Ward are yet to release their official patch notes for what’s to come, so stay tuned as we bring you the latest and when they’re released.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 weapons, maps, scorestreaks leaked

Published: 22/Nov/2020 2:08

by Theo Salaun


About a month after its release, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 is expected to release on December 10. And, weeks before that highly anticipated date, leakers have revealed maps, weapons, and scorestreaks coming to the game.

For the first time in Call of Duty’s history, Warzone will not only allow cross-play between different consoles and systems, but also between content from two distinct CoD titles.

On December 10, Treyarch enthusiasts get to enjoy Black Ops Cold War’s first season of new content, and the chance to bring that content over to Verdansk.

Theoretically, that means players will be able to use loadouts with a Modern Warfare AK-47 alongside a Black Ops Cold War AK-74u. But, according to leakers such as ‘WarzoneNewz’ and ‘CODColdWarNewz’ on Twitter, there will be even more guns to choose from in Season 1.

As WarzoneNewz explains, there will be four new maps, two new guns, and one new scorestreak launching on December 10. While they don’t have pictures of the incoming maps or the scorestreak, they have revealed glimpses of each weapon.

Four new maps have been revealed for Season 1: Dune, Mall, Apocalypse, and Echeleon. While Echeleon sounds like a sci-fi misspelling of the word “echelon” that would suit BOCW’s Zombies mode, it is the more fittingly named Apocalypse that is expected to be a map solely made for that mode.

Both new weapons are expected to be automatic, but the Groza is a bullpup assault rifle, based on the Russian OTs-14, which itself is based on the AK-74u. From leaked pictures, it appears similar to Modern Warfare’s RAM-7: a stocky, mobile AR with room for a fat magazine.

The other new leaked weapon is also automatic, but has been confirmed to be a shotgun (although its name remains unclear). Described as a “full auto shotgun” by WarzoneNewz, the included picture shows a long, slender build that feels closer to an LMG than an actual, chunky shotgun.

Nonetheless, a full-auto shotgun echoes the JAK-12, which was released to Modern Warfare and Warzone in Season 6.

The final point of intrigue among these leaks is the “K9 Unit” scorestreak. Fans of Treyarch’s last title, Black Ops 4, are very familiar with the decimation dogs can bring to Call of Duty, as the game’s Nomad Specialist had an Attack Dog companion.

Dogs have helped Black Ops players across numerous titles, but they appear ready to make their return in BOCW for Season 1’s launch. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any other leaks and news.