Warzone “Whitelist” error appears and players are confused

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific whitelist error

A Call of Duty: Warzone “Whitelist” error has begun popping up and players are very confused. With concerns already rampant about whitelisted hackers and streamers, the new in-game bug is earning some intrigue.

A number of Warzone players have been unable to log into the game the week of the mid-season update. When trying to enter, they’re blocked and met with a new error: “Whitelist Failure.”

In the past, whitelists have been a hot topic as fans believe that streamers are put in groups that allow them to not get banned or to get into easier lobbies. As such, it’s likely no surprise that this new error is causing speculation.

While some are taking this issue as proof that streamer whitelists do exist, others have pushed back against that narrative.

Warzone “Whitelist Error” confuses players trying to log on

As you can see in the embedded tweet, the “Whitelist Failure” error doesn’t allow players to sign into Warzone. Its specific code is XX-1036F.

In the replies, a number of users suggested this new problem is evidence of earlier “conspiracy theories” surrounding streamer privileges. One user emphatically responded with “CHEATING STREAMER WHITELIST CONFIRMED” (to the delight of 44 Twitter likes), while another asked if this means that “badboybeamin was right?”

That question refers to a popular (and divisive) hack accuser, who has argued that streamers cheat and are protected by Activision via whitelists. However, others—like the reputable CharlieIntel—have suggested this error is not related to those suspicions.

In CI’s tweet, it’s explained that all Warzone players are actually whitelisted “to be allowed on the servers.” This issue, therefore, appears to be a bug that caused gamers in certain regions to be knocked out of said lists.

Thus far, the region most impacted by the error seems to be Europe. Further, it doesn’t appear that any North American accounts have been affected.

News of the universal whitelist is novel for players, but many have known that a system is in place to whitelist players involved in private tournaments (like the World Series of Warzone). Regardless, fans seem to be monitoring this new error with sharp eyes and we’ll keep abreast of any updates.