Warzone players want Overwatch feature to prevent hackers

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone players want Overwatch feature to prevent hackersActivison / Blizzard

If you have played a decent amount of Warzone then it is almost certain that you have run into cheaters. However, players want a feature from Overwatch that could help deter hackers from making new accounts.

Hacking has been the hot topic of Warzone for a while. Even with the release of the RICOCHET anti-cheat hackers still seem plentiful.

Since Warzone is free it is possible that hackers are getting banned but just making new accounts over and over to cheat on.

This is why the community has come up with a plan that mimics the likes of Overwatch to help demoralize cheaters from making new accounts.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Since Warzone is free hackers get make new accounts after getting banned.

Warzone players think Overwatch feature could stop hackers

In Overwatch, all accounts are required to reach level 25 before they are able to queue into the ranked playlist.

While Warzone doesn’t have a competitive mode, players still think that a system could be implemented so new accounts can’t hop straight into public matches.

This Reddit post by ‘WolfHoundJP’ explains what Raven Software could do to ensure that level 1 accounts aren’t ruining matches with cheats.

WolfHoundJP is tired of constantly running into low-level hackers (new accounts). They believe a time-based system to unlock playlists could make hackers move on from Warzone.

They stated Raven should “introduce a policy that any new account has to put game time in before gaining access to public ranked lobbies.”

Some suggestions included making fresh accounts play 15 bot lobbies before being able to openly queue into any match. “This would help reduce the number of hackers and it will help actual new players to learn the game better.”

Warzone gameplayActivision
Warzone players want a system to limit how fast hackers get new accounts.

However, some feel that it could push new players away, even though it could limit hackers. One Redditor said, “I think it’s a good idea but it would tank the game for actual new players.”

If Raven were to introduce a system, players want to see a balance that would promote new people to try the game, but drive away the illegitimate ones.