Warzone villain TeeP reveals disrespectful new tactic to make enemies log out

warzone teep villain make players quit game call of dutyTwitter, @TylerTeeP / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players like trolling almost as much as they like winning, so popular Twitch streamer and former pro player ‘TeeP’ has combined the two… and his new tactic is making his opponents quit their matches.

So, Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow is good at Call of Duty — this is known. A former pro player and caster, the man’s got a history on the sticks and his Warzone streaming career has been far from shabby, as well.

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One of Warzone’s top 25 highest earners, TeeP is naturally a menace in public lobbies – but he’s decided to take things a step (or, to be more literal, a few laps) further.

During his recent Verdansk sessions, TeeP revealed a new preferred tactic for outdueling the final player for a victory. And it’s brutal – he literally just throws stuns and then runs laps around the enemy until they land shots or, more often than not, quit the game in frustration.

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As you see in the clip, TeeP is not a merciful Warzone player. He tells his teammates his plan when there’s just one player left: “I’m gonna double stun ‘em and then just do laps.”

A moment later, he’s descended on the opponent and has run three full laps around the stunned foe while they try to shoot their gun in vain. At the fourth lap, the victim literally calls it quits — leaving the match and granting TeeP’s team a victory.

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When TeeP shared this new tactic to Twitter, he was very candid about this behavior: “My new thing is doing laps around the last guy.”

And, with a touch of sadness, he explained that “they always back out.”

It remains unclear how many players have quit out of Warzone matches due to TeeP’s villainous strategies or how many have gone a step further and uninstalled. Whatever those numbers may be, it is very clear that — if you want to troll your enemies — this is arguably the most effective way to do so.

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