Warzone streamers react to “sick” new Pacific map: Swagg, TeeP, TimTheTatman, more

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The trailer for Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map was a short one, but the game’s biggest streamers — like Swagg, TeeP, TimTheTatman, and Repullze — are already raving about Vanguard’s Pacific change in scenery.

A bunch of Warzone content creators and Call of Duty League pro players were given access to Vanguard’s multiplayer servers on September 7. And, before those matches got underway, devs revealed content planned for Vanguard and Warzone.

During those reveals, a short teaser trailer dropped for the aforementioned titles’ integrated new map: Pacific. And, hopping into Verdansk afterward, the creators couldn’t help but get excited for the sneak peek.

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Fans were already looking forward to map’s vibrant and colorful the new look, but the streamers also honed in on something they were happy to see: Downtown’s skyscrapers.

Swagg opens the conversation up by asking TeeP how he felt about the new map, to which the former pro player and caster responded with some hesitation: “We’ll see man, I don’t know. From the little that we saw, it looked sick. It looked open, I didn’t see a Downtown — I didn’t see a skyscraper so I was cheesing.”

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The other streamers agreed. They, like many Warzone players, are hoping to seeing fewer towering structures that are typically infested with campers.

Overall though, everyone seemed most enticed by the vibrancy of the new map. Repullze chimed in with a “I like the color, bro,” while Tim specified that “it looked bright and vibrant.”

The apparent change in color scheme has draw a lot of comparisons to Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale. That title, while not as popular as Warzone, was almost universally beloved for its colorful environments.

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In sum, the Warzone Pacific reveal only showed a few shots of different scenery. But there was a lot of greenery and color in the short video.

Although we only saw a glimpse of the map, that short tease has been enough to get the blood flowing. As Swagg summed it all up, “I was more so just paying attention to the colors… and it looked beautiful.”