CoD legend Scump mocks ridiculous hacking accusations on Warzone

Theo Salaun
scump warzone hacker shut down accusations cod optic gaming
Instagram, @scumpabner / Activision

Arguably Call of Duty’s most iconic player of all time, OpTic Gaming’s Scump has dropped into Warzone this offseason and is already shutting down hacker accusations in the most perfect ways.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is good at CoD. He’s won a world championship, multiple X Games gold medals, and years since adding that hardware — he’s still among the Call of Duty League’s best players in 2021.

But, while Scump has earned his recognition in multiplayer, Warzone’s battle royale players might not realize who he is.

The man known as the King has been dominating Verdansk this offseason and getting validated with a ton of hackusations. Scump is a problem-solver though, so he’s figured out two ways to shut them down.

Scump’s first method for dealing with hackusations? The instant flex and proof that he has no need for cheats: “Every time that somebody says that I’m cheating from now on, I’m just gonna show them this [X Games gold medal].”

If a guy’s good enough to win gold on LAN, then one can imagine he’s good enough to beat up Warzone players in a public lobby. Pretty decent response.

But the second response is also gold (in a less-literal fashion), as it would be very hard to argue against and doesn’t rely on past successes.

After gunning a few people and before anyone could call him a hacker, Scump casually sat back and opened his PC’s Task Manager — just to show nothing fishy was going on.

With a reputation as one of CoD’s greatest players of all time, as well as a man transparent about his software, the hackusations against Scump should probably slow down. But who knows, if they persist then maybe we’ll get to watch his stream with five different cameras set up.