Warzone TikToker trolls players with brutal ‘legal aimbot’ prank

Ryan Lemay
NZ-41 in Warzone

Warzone’s anti-cheat system cracks down on most suspicious activity — but a TikToker may have found a “legal aimbot,” and its name is the NZ-41. 

You heard that right. The NZ-41 recently overtook the STG44 as the most popular gun in Warzone – and for good reason. The Vanguard AR melts enemies from virtually any range and has little to no recoil, essentially making it a “legal aimbot.”

The Season 4 update surprisingly buffed the NZ-41 even more, increasing the weapon’s muzzle velocity by a whopping 40%. Understandably, the Warzone devs hinted that an NZ-41 nerf may be coming soon.

A Warzone TikToker trolled players by telling players saying there is a “legal aimbot” in the game settings, but instead just showed off an overpowered NZ-41 loadout.

wzranked top most popular weapons on June 20
The NZ-41 has finally usurped the STG-44 atop the Warzone meta rankings.

Warzone TikToker trolls players with NZ-41 loadout

In the video below, Warzone TikToker cuppajoe5 shared his NZ-41 loadout, after initially making it seem like there was a secret in the settings.

Everybody has hitched a ride on the NZ-41 bandwagon. Make sure to give our best NZ-41 loadout a look, as well.

Here is the NZ-41 loadout below:

Muzzle: MX Silencer

Barrel: Orbweaver 360mm

Optic: 2.5x optic

Stock: Orbweaver Epack

Underbarrel: m1941 hand stop

Magazine: 50rnd Magazine

Ammo Type: lengthened

Rear Grip: Hatched Grip

Proficiency: Brace

Kit: Fully loaded

According to wzranked, the NZ-41 is currently selected 17.47% of the time and the next most popular gun is only selected 8.31%.

Tully Auckland, a senior game designer at Raven, said: “Agreed, it’s not where I’d like it to be right now. There are weapons designed to be easy to use, the NZ isn’t one of them.”

Make sure to give this NZ-41 loadout a try for yourself before it is too late.