NZ-41 has finally overtaken STG in Warzone meta

warzone caldera with nz-41 and warzone logo above themActivision

The NZ-41 has officially overtaken the STG-44 as the most popular weapon in the Warzone meta, as Vanguard guns continue to dominate the competition across Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Over time, the Vanguard weaponry has gradually shifted Cold War and Modern Warfare guns out of the meta, especially after sniper nerfs saw the Kar98k be forced out of the dominant position it once held.

Since Vanguard’s integration and the launch of Caldera, the WW2-themed game’s assault rifles have consistently been at the top, though several have claimed the number one spot at different times.

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After periods of dominance from the Cooper Carbine, Automaton, and, most prominently, the STG, the NZ-41 has fought its way up the ranks to claim the top spot of the Warzone meta rankings.

wzranked top most popular weapons on June 20WZRanked
The NZ-41 has finally usurped the STG-44 atop the Warzone meta rankings.

With stats provided from WZRanked, the NZ-41 has reached a 12.51 pick rate, ahead of the STG-44 at 12.25. The MP-40 submachine gun trails behind in third place at 7.25.

Not only has it become the number 1 weapon in the Warzone meta, but it’s also got a top KD to boot, averaging a 1.29 KD — solidly above the STG’s 1.12.

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This places it as the second most lethal gun in Warzone, behind only the H4 Blixen SMG (1.76 KD), and with an impressive 4.27 win rate, the NZ-41 is clearly the assault rifle to be running if you’re looking to get ahead of the competition.

The best NZ-41 loadout is guaranteed to help you pick up some wins, and if you’re looking for a shift away from the STG, the NZ is a must-use — if you haven’t been dominating with it already.

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