Dr Disrespect sparks debate after calling Warzone anti-cheat gaming’s “biggest PR scandal”

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect on warzone anti-cheat

YouTuber Dr Disrespect has caused a debate in the Call of Duty Warzone community after calling the game’s anti-cheat, Ricochet, the biggest “PR scandal” in video game in history.

Warzone has been notorious for hacking. Cheaters using wall hacks, auto-aim and other nefarious tools have plagued the battle royale for ages, infuriating players.

Activision has sought to remedy this with the introduction of its anti-cheat Ricochet, and have been detailing plans going forward to combat cheaters going forward, including literally disarming them.

However, not everyone is impressed with Ricochet. Some streamers such as TimTheTatman have even expressed doubts over its effectiveness, eventually leading to Dr Disrespect to make a bold claim on social media.

Dr Disrespect calls Warzone anti-cheat a “PR scandal”

On June 28, the two-time rhetorically asked The Champions Club what the biggest in PR scandal in video game history was, before answering his own question.

“RICOCHET,” he said without providing further context behind why he felt this way.

Doc’s remarks sparked a firestorm within the community with some opposing the streamer while others stood with him.

“Literally in what way? The game introduced a better anti-cheat called Ricochet. It’s not that deep?” one replied.

“I can with all honesty say I’ve experienced more blatant hacking since the Anti-cheat came out,” replied another. “I was backing them the whole time it was being spoken about but soon realized it’s bullsh*t.”

“Yeah, and the anti-cheat doesn’t work at all and it’s funny that Doc plays with one of the most accused players of all time,” a user replied, referring to ZLaner.

The YouTuber’s statements also resulted in some taking issue with Doc implementing NFTs into his upcoming video game, believing that to be a bigger PR issue.

In any case, we’ll have to see if Ricochet can redeem itself in Doc’s eyes when Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 launch later this year.