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Warzone streamers shocked by Vanguard’s new “rainbow” sun glare

Published: 11/Sep/2021 0:12

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Vanguard comes with some new additions for 2021 — but one is making headlines for the wrong reasons. Warzone steamers and the entire CoD community don’t seem fond of the Beta’s blinding new sun glare.

So, CoD Vanguard is trying some new things and bringing some old things back. Built on Modern Warfare’s engine, the game’s movement and door mechanics feel fairly familiar. Conversely, the presence of destructible environments is… new.

One feature of the game is a mix of the two, as it’s essentially, as the kids say, ‘same, same, but different.’

Also built on MW19’s engine, Warzone’s sun glare is notorious among the game’s players for blinding qualities. And, within moments on the Beta, top streamers like Swagg and TimTheTatman realized Vanguard’s flare is so much worse that it must be a glitch.


CoD Vanguard’s “rainbow” sun glare

No sir, that blinding flare of rainbow prism is no glitch — it’s just how Vanguard’s sunlight looks at the wrong angles. And if you want to know how players, even those streamers who deal with Warzone’s sunlight regularly, feel about it, Swagg’s reaction is priceless.

“The sun is nuts. Look at this s**t, what the f**k is that?”

Commenting on the sun’s undeniable power, Tim chimed in with a possibly hopeful response: “Mine is literally glitched, bro, it’s like multi-colored, it looks like a rainbow.”

But nope, it was not glitched — it was universally experienced by everyone on the Beta. And reactions went so far that even Call of Duty League teams like the Minnesota ROKKR decided to meme about it.


At the moment, it’s unclear what Sledgehammer Games’ plans are for the Beta. Of course, as the name suggests, this isn’t a finished product just yet, so there’s reason to believe changes will be made.

If we do get an announcement or patch notes describing changes to the sun, we’ll be sure to keep fans in the loop. In the meantime, players can get involved in the Open Beta weekends to see it themselves — or simply spend their time praying that the sun glare doesn’t ruin everyone’s hype over the new Pacific Warzone map.