Absurd Vanguard clip shows what it’s like to get ego-challed by a CDL pro

vanguard player vs pro pov ego challedCall of Duty League / Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer showcase put content creators and CDL pros in the same lobby. After a dirty clip of JGOD getting gunned by Envoy, we now know what it’s like to face a pro from an above-average player’s POV.

JGOD isn’t bad at CoD. He mostly plays Warzone, but the content creator easily holds a positive K/D and is very comfortable in the game. It’s no stretch to call JGOD an above-average player who most casuals would struggle against.

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But there are a lot of above-average players in the world… and very few professionals. The difference in skill might be hard to imagine since they don’t often overlap, but now we have visual evidence of what it looks like.

JGOD got placed in a lobby, unknown to him, against former OpTic Chicago star Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon. And he found out the hard way, as he got absolutely melted across the map with an SMG — despite already being mounted and shooting first.

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As you can see in the clip, JGOD found a nice elevated spot, opened a window, mounted his gun, and started shooting at a tiny figure across the map. He shoots first, he’s wielding an AR (Vanguard’s STG44), and he’s mounted.

Nevertheless, the figure across the map eats his bullets, refuses to get in cover, and immediately volleys back — as classic an ego chall as possible.And the figure beams JGOD, comfortably winning the fight… despite the disadvantages and having a close-range SMG (the MP40, in this case).

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After getting killed, JGOD reacts with a shocked “no,” a confused “what,” and then a slightly comforted “that’s why he’s a pro player, dog.”

Just like we now have evidence of the skill gap between pro and above average, Envoy was absolutely having his way in the Vanguard Beta lobbies. A 2020 MVP candidate, it should be no surprise that he was able to work his magic.

Still, it’s pretty wild. A good player, mounted with a long-range gun who got the first shots off… shouldn’t normally lose to an ego-challing SMG across the map. But that’s what it’s like to play against a pro.

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