Warzone streamers IceManIsaac & Mutex mock hacking accusations against ZLaner

YouTube: IceManIsaac/Activision

Warzone streamers are fighting harder than ever as hacking destroys Verdansk but some players can’t help but poke at some of the outlandish claims being made against others. 

Fans across the world watched in awe over the weekend, as the 2021 Call of Duty Championship unfolded. The tournament was a true testament to the talents of professional players. Many player expectations were shattered but above all, the best players that Call of Duty has to offer really strutted their stuff. 

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For the Minnesota RØKKR, some fans wrestled with the reality of their skills. 

With cheating running wild within Warzone, their incredible display gave some players the perfect example to use against some wild cheating claims. 

Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

The perfect response

Competing in CDL Champs is another level of pressure. Displaying months of training on stage for the whole world to see, this is an intense test of composure. Even the strongest of players can crack under pressure. However, most players absorb themselves completely into the game at hand. 

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Battling for CoD supremacy, Rokkr were determined to see themselves seated in the final. They continued to trade blows on Raid and that map isn’t exactly huge. Due to the smaller nature of it, players like Attach and Standy can be seen glancing to their left consistently.

While this was more than likely mini-map awareness, looking left has been a theory that some players have used to claim that supposed cheaters are using a second monitor for information. Jokingly calling upon the expertise of BadBoyBeaman, IceManIsaac couldn’t help but poke fun at these outlandish claims.

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Clearly checking their kill-feed and assessing the threat of the match, the Rokkr’s play was used to rack up a handful of jokes. 

Warzone players like MuteX joined the party, poking fun at just how some players can’t comprehend that top-tier talents are really just that good.

“Once the anti-cheat comes, these guys are done,” content creator MRags added in a comical fashion. Rokkr don’t need to worry themselves, however.

Their performance over the weekend was legendary and doesn’t have any danger of hacks being used. Though, the same can’t be said for Warzone.

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