Warzone streamer reveals fastest way to level up weapons on Caldera

André González Rodríguez
Warzone streamer reveals fastest way to level up weapons on Caldera

Leveling guns in any Call of Duty can be a hassle and Warzone’s new Pacific update is no different. That’s why streamer IceManIsaac has revealed the best way to do it. 

With over 40 weapons in CoD Vanguard, there’s a lot of work players have to put in to unlock that sweet Atomic camo. In general, it can take up to six hours to level up just one gun, which means that players will always look for a way to make that process easier.

At first people like JGOD and others made it abundantly clear to not use the Zombies game mode but as always, fans still found a way to make it work and got their guns leveled faster. Even then, Warzone streamer IceManIsaac found another way to do it even faster than that, no Zombies required.

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Warzone streamer reveals fastest way to level up weapons in Caldera

The method he claimed to have initially received from a member of his community got him from level one to 16 in “10 minutes” by himself. This process can also be hastened if in a group.

In order to make this method work, you’d need to perform a Top Secret Contract — a bounty, a recon, a supply, or a most wanted. Finishing this contract will give you “insane amounts of weapon exp” as IceManIsaac stated in his YouTube video. There’s also a good amount of money rewarded to boot.

The streamer had footage of him doing it in the background while he explained the method, allowing watchers to see how fast it works. Whilst utilizing a PTRS-41 in which the streamer himself called a “terrible gun”, he downed a bounty, nearly finished a recon, and almost got first place. In the end, even though he failed two contracts still managed to get 16 levels in 10 minutes. 

If you’re looking to unlock that Atomic camo, or just have all of the guns at max level just to show off, definitely try this out.