Warzone server collapses as players try to stop the Caldera tram

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay
Activision / YouTube: DefendTheHouse

Warzone has been broken in half once again as the Call of Duty battle royale’s most daring mythbusters tried everything possible to stop the Caldera tram on its tracks.

Six months have passed since YouTube mythbusters ‘DefendTheHouse’ famously brought Warzone to its knees. Calling in 100 Loadout Drops at once was the first server-breaking experiment and now, the crew just found another way to overwhelm the game.

With the introduction of Caldera came a brand new feature. Rather than a full-sized train rocketing through the BR map, the Pacific island features a small tram system instead.

This tram immediately came into focus for one key reason: it appears unstoppable. If you’re in front of the moving vehicle, you’re lining up for destruction. It’s as simple as that.

So to test the limits of this new addition in Caldera, DefendTheHouse threw everything at it in a massive custom lobby. It turns out, they just so happened to break Warzone once again in the process.

CoD Warzone gameplay
There’s nothing that can stop the tram in Caldera.

After some initial testing with vehicles proved fruitless, the mythbusters called on dozens of community members to join the experiment.

First was a simple test with every Operator lined up to try and stop the tram. The autonomous vehicle wasn’t phased in the slightest as it crushed each and every player in its path.

Next came the more ambitious test. With practically every vehicle in the lobby carefully positioned on the tram tracks, it looked as if the tram may finally meet its maker.

After a few initial explosions as the tram made contact, Warzone started to fall apart at the seams. Vehicles began phasing through the tram, and before long, players were left frozen in the sky as they tried to redeploy.

CoD Warzone gameplay
Warzone turned back into a PS1 game as the servers crashed.

“Woah, did this lobby just crash?” they asked as time came to a stop in Caldera. Everything was stuck in place and character models randomly dipped back a few generations to eerie PlayStation 1 textures.

A few short seconds passed before their screens turned black and they were sent back to the menu. Their antics led to yet another full-blown server crash in Warzone.

So while the tram itself didn’t come to a halt, everything else did. Thus, there’s no clearer evidence that the Caldera tram is completely unstoppable.

Be sure to check out the full video on the official DefendTheHouse YouTube channel and keep your eyes peeled for any further game-breaking tests.