Warzone Season 1: What are the streamers and pro players saying?

. 2 years ago
Shroud and Dr Disrespect playing Warzone Season 1
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Twitch: Shroud / Activision

Warzone Season 1 is finally here, and the reactions around the battle royale update are mixed to say the least. From the bevy of new content, to the glitches plaguing its launch, the very best streamers have now chimed in on the update.

It was Christmas coming early for Call of Duty players. The Warzone Season 1 update was a huge one for the battle royale title, with over 30 new weapons being added from Black Ops Cold War, a new map in Rebirth Island, and more.

While the host of new content has been a blast for players, there’s been some bigger issues at hand. PC players were unable to log on for a few hours at launch due to a glitch. Then, when they finally did, they had to deal with invisible enemies beaming them.

The big names have all jumped in though, and now they’re chiming in. From Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek to Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, the opinions are pretty mixed. Here’s what they’re saying.

Shroud on Warzone Season 1

“I was actually kind of confused about the whole Warzone thing. I watched some people play it when it came out…and I don’t understand. It looks the exact same. What’s different? What’s the big deal? It looks the exact same.”

“Everyone is playing the same map, so that’s why I’m confused. I saw new Gulag, new weapons, so I don’t know.”

TimTheTatman on Warzone Season 1

“I see people tweeting that it’s bad, and it may just be the boomer in me, but I can’t believe people are downplaying what we’re seeing. I grew up playing all of the Call of Duty’s, and now to see both of the Call of Duty developers come together as one ⁠— that’s so cool to me.”

Dr Disrespect on Warzone Season 1

“I’m watching TimTheTatman aka Timmy Tenders play the new CoD season and I just can’t help but think…he’s just terrible.”

NICKMERCS on Warzone Season 1

“Overall, not a bad update, just not what we were thinking. It’s not a horrible update, it just not what we were ⁠— it didn’t have the sauce I thought we were going to have. Basically the same game? Couple of new guns? A weird LTM? Definitely not what we were looking for.”

Tfue on Warzone Season 1

“This is crazy. This gun feels cracked. Oh my god. The M16. It’s got like no recoil with no attachments. Bro this thing is a f**king laser stock what the f**k.

Maven on Warzone Season 1

“Shoutout to Treyarch/IW/Raven for this update. I can’t imagine how insane it was to have everything tied together like this for the first time. Will obviously need to be some balancing and what not…but it’s working smoothly and dope as hell.”

Nameless on Warzone Season 1

“Overall I like the [Warzone] update but I would change some things. Cold War guns having no monolithic suppressor makes most ARs inferior in Warzone. Mac10 seems to be only viable SMG. Alcatraz is fun initially but needs more players. Alcatraz should only be ground loot.”

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