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Warzone pro breaks victim’s ankles with “evil” parked car trick

Published: 7/Dec/2021 1:08

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone streamer pulled off one of the most ridiculous finesses, leaving a victim completely bamboozled in a gunfight by using a parked car trick. It’s so bad that some have already called it “evil.”

Pieman isn’t the most renowned Warzone streamer, as he hasn’t won quite as many tournaments as some of the others. But the mouse and keyboard player is certainly no slouch and, as it turns out, has a very unique playstyle.

While fans have seen plays using seat-swapping in cars to hit shots, there’s a Pie play that shocked many. It’s from back in August, but didn’t truly emerge until now, and boy are we glad that it did.


In the play, Pieman is running around when a random player aggressively drives up to him — ready for action. But Pie immediately uses that player’s parked car against him, popping in and out of it while seat-swapping to secure a ridiculous gunfight win.

Warzone streamer uses ‘car bamboozle’ trick

As you can see in the clip, Pie tries to land a snipe on the vehicle first. After it misses, he hides for a split second as the pursuer parks and gets out.

Once the car is parked, Pie immediately runs straight into the vehicle, swaps seats, and breaks the pursuer’s armor from the passenger seat. At this point, Pie has become the hunter, the pursuer has become prey, and said prey starts running around the car in absolute confusion.


Then Pie waits for a second, jumps back out of the vehicle, slide cancels away for a couple more shots, then… gets back in and seat swaps again. With a few last shots from the passenger seat, Pieman kills his victim.

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Who knew that Warzone’s cars could be useful even when parked?

The play is legitimately absurd. And the quick-thinking finessing had the victim so confused that Pie ended up only losing about half a plate of armor.

In the replies, reactions ranged from calling the tricky behavior “evil” to saying he has the “most insane m&k movement.” While it will be hard to replicate as fluidly for normal players, the stationary car, seat-swapping trick is definitely worth keeping in mind since it can apparently be very effective.