Warzone players worried about new shotgun in Season 4 Reloaded: “We are doomed”

Jacob Hale
warzone 2 diabolical camo on shotgun

Season 4 Reloaded hasn’t even launched yet in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, but players are already worried about the new MX Guardian shotgun coming to the game, as Activision claimed that it will “usurp” the broken KV Broadside to become the best shotgun in the game.

The KV Broadside was added to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 earlier in 2023 and almost immediately took over the meta, dominating opponents from close to mid-range and being extremely hard to counter if an opponent got the drop on you.

Players called for the gun to be nerfed, and it finally was, but with Season 4 Reloaded on the horizon, players may have another serious problem on their hands.

MX Guardian most OP shotgun in Warzone?

The new MX Guardian shotgun is due to arrive with S4 Reloaded on Wednesday, July 12, and developers Raven Software have already made players worried with what they’ve said about it.

“While the KV Broadside reigned supreme in close to mid-range engagements for a time, the MX Guardian has arrived to usurp the close-range crown,” the Season 4 Reloaded blog post said. “Equip the MX Guardian in your favorite close-quarters Loadout in Multiplayer or slot it in as an Overkill Secondary Weapon for room clearing in Warzone to maximize success.”

This rung alarm bells for players who were still struggling with the PTSD associated with the Broadside, especially due to the plan for the MX Guardian to “usurp” the gun.

“We are doomed,” said one player on Reddit, to which many others came out in agreement.

“An automatic shotgun that’s good up to mid-range and is stronger than the KV,” one comment said. “I’m scared.”

Another was a little more concerned by the decision to add this shotgun in. They said: “One has to wonder in what universe they would consider a fully auto shotgun reigning supreme in engagements up to mid-range being an acceptable thing. Then to think it makes sense to add a BETTER shotgun than that into the game?”

Of course, with the gun not yet in the game, the MX Guardian may not be as broken as some players expect it to be, so it could be a non-issue. However, if their concerns are proven correct, there’s no doubt they will be calling for nerfs before long.

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