Warzone players turn final 1v1 into a Street Fighter brawl

Warzone and Street FighterActivision / Capcom

While the vast majority of Warzone wins come down to those who have better aim and positioning, there are times where things can descend into chaos.

Warzone final circles can be incredibly stressful at the best of times, but not all 1v1 are fought with guns. Ever since the game’s release, we’ve seen plenty of intuitive and even comical ways players have clutched a victory over their foes. 

However, sometimes you need to set your differences aside, drop your weapons, and solve your issues the old-fashioned way. Well, that’s exactly what these two players did when they found each other on the battlefield. 

Warzone x Street Fighter

chun li street fighter vCapcom
This Street Fighter-inspired clip proves that Warzone needs a crossover with Capcom’s iconic fighter.

Warzone has yet to get any official Street Fighter crossover content, but that didn’t stop LordTexugo from creating his own. After finding themself in the final circle of Warzone’s solo mode, the player began to search for his enemies. 

After running past a small building, the player noticed that his enemy was hiding in the corner with nothing more than a pistol. Instead of outright killing the underequipped opponent, LordTexugo began to drop his plates and weapons to show that they meant no harm.

LordTexugo then scoured the map for their third foe, using the Riot Shield to keep themselves safe from incoming fire. They then used the Riot Shield to hunt down the third enemy player, swiftly killing them with a lethal finisher. 

After securing this kill, LordTexugo returned to their newfound friend and both players dropped all of their weapons, bobbing and weaving as they psyched themselves up for the upcoming fight.

With Street Fighter 2’s iconic Guile theme playing in the background, the two prizefighters began to let the real punches fly. The first round went over to LordTexugo’s opponent, who managed to knock them out with a flurry of punches before running to the next circle. 

However, things were far from over as the Street Fighter fan used a self revive to get themselves back into the action. After recovering from the first round, LordTexugo slid back into the fight, furiously punching his rival. 

However, his opponent’s combos were just too strong and they claimed a well-earned victory with a knockout punch. It’s certainly not every day that you get to see such a comical win, but for these two players, it will certainly remain one of the most memorable.