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Warzone duo shows just how broken flashes can be

Published: 5/Sep/2021 22:13

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players are constantly looking for items and weapons to get nerfed as some can be overtuned. Stun grenades have been on that list for quite some time and this duo shows why the devs may want to consider weakening these. 

While there are many issues that surround the streets of Verdansk like hackers or overpowered weapons, players just want to play a balanced game.

One thing that has made the game extremely annoying is the use of tacticals, more specifically stuns that blind you.

There are many ways to finish off a game and get a win, but a team decided to take this to the next level and really ruin their opponent’s gaming experience.


Warzeon Flahses
Warzone team shows how to dominate games with broken flash grenades.

Warzone players use broken flashes to kill enemy 

Even though you can not carry an unlimited supply of grenades in Warzone, the few you take can be extremely useful. When combined with the Restock perk players can have them almost every minute.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘LordTexugo’ shows this player and their teammate abusing the power of the flash grenade. Not only do they have these as equipment but also as a launcher on their weapons.

Torturing player with Forced white screen from CODWarzone

This duo was against one final player and decided to sentence them to death by flashes. These “Broken” grenades made it impossible for the solo player to do anything. You see the player get hit with over 10 of them in the span of 45 seconds.


If the duo was using their weapons it would’ve been over even faster but they wanted to torment the last player and blind them for as long as possible.

While they end up getting the execution for the win, this player stood no chance due to being spammed by this overpowered tactical. This has players wanting to see a nerf come through for flashes to make them less oppressive.