Warzone players slam “broken” finisher animations making guns float

Warzone finishing animation.Activision

Warzone players keep finding new problems in the fan-favorite battle royale and this time around someone has spotted an operator wielding the power of the force in a broken finisher animation.

It’s no secret that Warzone has run into a fair share of animation problems over the years. From the forever-frustrating gas mask interruptions to unbelievable recoil flares that completely stop you from collecting a kill, it’s just a part of the game that players accept when they load in.

This one doesn’t have as much of a gameplay impact as the other two, but for these fans at least, it certainly raises some questions about the state of the game.

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Warzone has a big finisher animation problem

In this particular example, it’s all about form rather than function. Unlike some other bugs with finisher animations, this one still works just fine, but it looks completely wonky from start to finish.

When a player initiates their gun appears to take on a life of its own and float in the air, completing the job without the operator ever having to pull the trigger.

The first person to point this out asked how the Warzone devs could manage to mess this up to, and the comments are full of players sharing their own experiences with similar problems.

One commenter added that when using Charly, their finishing animation is so busted that it looks like she’s hurting herself more than enemy.

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“Her finishing move is flipping the enemy over, stabbing them with a knife, and then shooting them with a pistol. [Except] I stab myself in the back, and shoot my own foot,” they said.

Another person added that it’s a pretty widespread issue and that it’s not necessarily limited to the basic one as seen above: “Most of my finishers are bugged. I have the lumber jack one and my operator holds a knife the whole time.”

It’s not likely that these will get a big fix before the release of Warzone 2, but there’s always hope that the sequel will take care of these kinds of odd immersion-killers whenever it arrives.

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