Maxis finishing move glitch confuses Warzone players

Death's Veil Maxis in Cold WarActivision

Warzone finishing moves are extremely satisfying to pull off — but a new bug may have broken Samantha Maxis’ execution animation. 

There are 62 different Operators to choose from in Call of Duty’s battle royale mode. Each character from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops universe has their own unique finishing move. Warzone Season Four introduced a new Operator named Butcher.

Samantha Maxis is a German soldier Operator that was added during Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War. Maxis first appeared in World at War Zombies and is the daughter of the game’s main antagonist Ludvig Maxis.

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A Warzone player discovered a bug that stopped them from using Maxis’ finishing move. The footage sparked a debate on Reddit on whether or not the clip is a bug or an intended feature.

Maxis Operator Bundle in Season 2Treyarch
A Reactive Blueprint for the AK-74u is in the Maxis Operator Bundle.

Warzone players debate Maxis finishing move glitch

In the video below a player tried to attempt Maxis’ finishing move twice but the animation stopped both times.

The video appears to be a bug but one user argued that it was “probably canceling due to the lack of room there. A ton of finishing moves do it and expect more space.”

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Another user agreed and said, “the finishing move is not bugged. the game detected you needed more space for the animation to play out. The game will cancel a finishing move if it detects a collision with a wall or object.”

One user added, “It is so funny that finishers aren’t ‘sandboxed’ into the spot they were performed and ignore collision, but include the environment in the first place.”

Finishing moves not working is an issue and will only motivate players to attempt fewer executions if they may be killed because of it.

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Activision may have to consider changing their physics system in Modern Warfare 2 to eliminate this nuisance.

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