Warzone players find absurdly easy way to level guns in new Caldera Clash mode


It’s a regular tradition in Call of Duty: Warzone: an update drops, the meta changes, and guns need to get leveled. Fortunately, some fans have discovered a stupidly easy way to level weapons with maximum speed and minimal effort.

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update adjusted a grand total of 16 guns and 113 attachments in the battle royale. Unlike Season 1 Reloaded’s changes, this new batch of weapon buffs and nerfs is sure to impact the meta.

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So, as usual, when one door closes, another opens – and Season 2 is likely to enjoy some new weaponry taking the place of the nerfed Bren and MP40. While we don’t have a concrete sense of those newcomers just yet, there’s no better time than now to start preparing.

There are a number of ways to level guns up quickly for Warzone, most recently including a Rebirth Island method for those who don’t want to hit multiplayer or Plunder. Season 2 has brought something new to the table, too, as fans found an effective method using the new Caldera Clash mode.

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How to level Warzone guns fast in Caldera Clash

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Posted to Reddit by ‘X3FBrian,’ it seems that the new Caldera Clash mode is a goldmine for weapon levels. As Brian explained, he was able to level one gun from 1 to 23 in just one game… without shooting a bullet. 

Here’s how to level your guns quickly and easily in Caldera Clash:

  1. Pop a Double Weapon XP
  2. Drop into Caldera Clash
  3. Grab Bounty contracts
  4. Enjoy the free XP
Welgun Warzone loadout screenActivision/Aydan
Players will need to level up their Welguns in case it replaces the MP40 in the meta.

This method is so effective because, in a large-scale teamfight like Clash, you don’t even have to fight people for your Bounties to be completed. You can simply pick them up, let other people kill the targets for you, and reap the benefits.

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Additionally, someone commented with some other tips you can use to maximize your XP. They explained that using Buy Stations, looting crates, and using the Pointman perk (instead of Overkill) will all help you sneak in extra experience while running contracts.