Warzone players furious as lag makes game “unplayable”

Warzone operator aimingActivision

Warzone players labeled Warzone as “unplayable” at the beginning of Season 4 Reloaded. After two weeks, players are still reporting similar issues.

Season 4 Reloaded was lauded by the Warzone community for addressing several community-requested issues, such as Serpentine Perk and Radar Jammer nerfs.

However, the update did not launch without its fair share of issues. Large updates always come with the chance of adding unintended bugs. Players are suffering from an issue that causes stuttering and dropped frames.

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Warzone players are reporting the stuttering an issue at an alarming rate on Caldera specifically.

Terminator skin in Warzone Season 4Activision
Warzone added two Terminator skins in the Season 4 Reloaded update.

Warzone labeled as “unplayable” due to stuttering bug

At the beginning of Season 4 reloaded, players reported Warzone dropping frames and causing massive lag spikes whenever a ping was used. One player claimed, “hate to say it, but don’t expect it ever to get fixed.”

Two weeks later, A player claimed, “Warzone has been unplayable for the past few days.” They reported an issue that causes frame drops and stuttering at random points during matches.

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They shared a clip highlighting the stutter issue. The reported issue appears to be a different problem than the ping bug.

One Reddit user said, “It’s bad, especially on Caldera. Matches there are much laggier than those on rebirth island or fortune’s keep.”

A second player stated, “Caldera has terrible lag for some players; it’s the same thing for me. I can’t play without it skipping, and I have never gotten below 90 ping.”

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Several players pointed out that the issue may be related to network problems.

As of writing, Activision has not addressed the ping glitch or the stuttering issue. Neither bug appeared on Raven Software’s Trello or was included in official patch notes. Hopefully, both issues will be addressed in the next update.