Warzone players furious as devs remove one-shot sniper but hackers can still use it

Connor Bennett
Warzone 2 character holding st patricks day themed sniper

Warzone 2 players have been left frustrated by the devs removing the one-shot Shillelagh sniper rifle, especially now hackers have been able to unlock it regardless.

Sniping has always played a key role in any Call of Duty game, and that’s been no different in Warzone. Snipers dominated the original battle royale due to the size of the maps and their ability to one-shot players. 

That has changed ever so slightly in Warzone 2, with snipers having their power turned down just a bit. Though, the one-shot snipers have re-appeared at times amid rumors that they may make a full-time return in future seasons. 

While players had previously been able to build one-shot snipers due to buggy attachments, the devs added one of their own – the Shillelagh – for a limited-time St Patricks Day event. Now that’s come to a close, players aren’t too pleased. 

Warzone 2 players annoyed one-shot St Patricks day sniper has been removed

As noted, the Shillelagh – which was a twist on the Victus XMR sniper – was only ever going to be around for a short space of time. Though, its removal has caused some headaches as cheaters have been able to hack it into matches despite other players not being able to have it. 

“A buddy and I ran into a team that both had it on Ashika earlier. We wiped them in CQB and then realized they had the blueprint. We were very confused,” said one player. 

Others were just annoyed that the powerful sniper had been taken away. “I like how this is their response to the community wanting snipers to be viable again, a big middle finger,” added another. “I hated the idea of it at first, but really came around. It was just really fun to have half the lobby dropping in the same place,” another commented.

When it comes to hackers keeping the gun alive, players noted that it could become pretty easy to ban them as a result of them using it.

That would be a real result for some players.

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