Warzone players frustrated with new gas mask issue causing losses

warzone operator with gas maskActivision

CoD Warzone’s gas mask is somehow finding new ways to kill players instead of saving them with gamers frustrated by this new issue.

Even though CoD’s premiere battle royale experience is now into Season 4 Reloaded and two years on from the game’s debut, the controversial gas mask is finding new ways to stir up trouble.

For the longest time, fans of the game have been left in a state of panic when they’re near gas with a mask in their possession, as they know that if a firefight ensues, the game’s mask removal system may cause a fight to go south quickly.

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Gas masks have been refined and tuned over the seasons, but now a new problem has cropped up that can get players killed without, again, doing anything wrong.

Gas masks coughing up new problems in Warzone

According to a Warzone Reddit post, Raven Software “can’t get the mask right,” and this is a combination of long-standing issues as well as a new one.

meme-viewerno said: “Thanks devs, now every time I go into the gas, even with a gas mask on, I take a tick of damage and make a loud ass cough sound so the enemy knows exactly where I am, even though I’m wearing a gas mask. Just take out the stupid animation please it seems like they’re never going to get it right.”

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So even taking the right precautions and having the mask in place, the game will for some reason still register gas damage, which obviously causes a loud, obnoxious cough – giving away your position to anyone nearby.

It’s clearly happening to other people too, with the top comment reading: “Agree! It is so annoying,” said the top comment, and

Another user added: ” Dude, two days ago I intentionally stayed in the gas so my operator would put the mask on and then I could shoot people running into zone from inside the gas, instead I never put it on for the 3 seconds I was standing in gas and taking gas damage. Decided to just go in zone and fight, the instant I’m outside the gas the mask puts itself on and I lose the gunfight, like what?”

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With the new gas mask toggle option on the way, the deaths caused by the erratic piece of equipment might finally be coming to an end.