Bizarre Warzone Gas Mask bug is ruining games after Season 3 update


There’s a strange Warzone Season 3 bug that’s causing Gas Masks to inadvertently lie to players, leading them to die preventable deaths on their way into the circle.

Gas Masks are a key part of Warzone’s ring system. The ability to stay mobile and make plays even when outside of the safe zone is a big part of what makes Call of Duty’s BR so dynamic.

On top of that, knowing how long you can survive in the gas is an important part of winning games these days. If there’s no way to predict how much time you have to make a move then the game becomes a lot more random.

That’s exactly what’s happening to players across the internet following the April 27 update.

Bizarre Gas Mask bug in Warzone Pacific

Gas Mask in WarzoneActivision
Don’t trust your Gas Masks in Warzone, they’re probably lying to you.

When players pick up a Gas Mask in-game now there’s a chance that it won’t show up correctly on the screen.

Occasionally new pickup will show full durability even if another player has used it to get into the zone before.

This leads to ridiculous moments like the one below where a survivable situation turns into a death trap in an instant.

The player on-screen makes a heads-up play by checking the Heartbeat Sensor before heading out into the gas, but because of the bugged HUD, they have no time to make a play in the gas.

While no official fix has been found yet, one commenter suggested that opening and closing the scoreboard can do the trick, but it might take a few tries. He said: “I’ve tried to recreate it but it’s not 100% certain… it seems to be a visual glitch and doesn’t actually refill [your mask].”

The devs have already patched up a lot of issues with the Gas Mask over the last two seasons but it looks like they’ve got another issue to add to their list.