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Warzone players frustrated with multiple Red Door glitches

Published: 30/Jul/2021 17:37

by Jaret Kappelman


With Season four of Warzone the game was introduced to Red Doors. These doors take players to some rare loot that can’t be found anywhere else. However, players are getting annoyed with all the bugs that have come with Red Doors.

Most of the community has loved the addition of Red Doors to Warzone as it allows players a fun way to get extremely rare loot.

These doors are spread throughout Verdansk but there aren’t a ton of them just sitting around waiting for a team.

Of course, with Warzone there have always been bugs when something new is added, and Red Doors are no exception.


Warzone red doors season 4
Red Doors gives players access to rare loot.

Red Door performs magic trick

One bug involving Red Doors had players confused when it simply redeployed them in the sky instead of taking them to a room with loot.

In one of the latest glitches this Red Door turned into Houdini. A video posted by ‘nycism’ shows the player and their squad finding a Red Door and opening it. As the team is waiting for it to open to walk through the door has other plans and vanishes into thin air.

Red Door goes poof from CODWarzone

This left players confused and disappointed because the Red Door loot is extremely valuable, with Advanced UAVs, Armor Satchels, Durable Gas Masks, and more.


Sadly, this isn’t the only issue with Red Doors in Warzone. Another glitch allows players to get even more rare loot than intended.

Players get double loot from Red Door

In this video posted on YouTube by ‘JotaJota STI’ he shows off a new bug that benefited his squad in a big way.

This shows the player and his teammate finding a Red Door but instead of immediately following up his teammate he waited for the door to close and reopen it.

You see the player run through the door and end up in an unlooted room while his teammate is in a completely different location and has access to the rare loot.


Although this would be a really cool thing for players to be able to do, it is seemingly a glitch as the door is intended to take players to the same location.

For now, it is unknown if the devs are aware of these bugs, but they’ll want to get a handle on them sooner rather than later.