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Warzone players bamboozled as Red Door brings them to bizarre location

Published: 24/Jul/2021 21:48

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players have lots of ways to get around the map and collect really strong loot. Red Doors have been a great addition to the game that allow you to travel to another area and get rare goodies. But it seems some Red Doors can, instead, take you for a wild ride.

Red Doors were introduced to Warzone with the launch of Season 4. Although uncommon, these teleporters can still be found in every game if you have luck on your side.

The fast-travel and loot system can definitely impact your game, for instance you can get extremely rare kill streaks and get across the map and into the action.


Red Doors take you to another room and from there you can leave and walk back out into the streets of Verdansk. However, one door had some other plans for this team.

Red Door says “No loot for you”

Twitch streamer ‘miguelmeola’ was playing a Quads game on Verdansk when his team stumbled across a Red Door. Excited for the rare loot the players ran through it, but were a bit confused about where it took them.

As you see in the clip, the game decides these players didn’t really need loot and the Red Door sends them falling from the sky. You can hear the players extremely confused about what is happening as they question the game, “why am I in the air?”


However, The squad seemed to have high spirits and were laughing about the situation. One player referred to it as the “JK Door” and for the rest of the game the players were laughing about it, while still very confused as to why that happened.

This is seemingly a bug as the first circle had not started to close. As of now there have been no other reports of the Red Doors taking players to the sky — but it’s worth being wary about before you enter one.