Warzone players demand “ridiculous” stims are nerfed after Aydan TikTok goes viral

Warzone Stim Shot in Gunsmith with Pacific LogoActivision

Warzone players have called for significant nerfs to the battle royale’s Stim Shots, after a TikTok of competitive player Aydan dying to a Stim-wielding opponent went viral. 

The plethora of Tactical Equipment available in Warzone has made the game incredibly customizable, but certain gear and gadgets have been problematic for developers since day one.

Among them is the Stim Shot equipment, a health-boosting injection that players can use to heal quickly and keep them alive in the most fraught of scenarios.

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Glitches with the Stim Shot have been common, with players able to use them infinitely despite strict limits supposedly in place on their use.

Warzone stimActivision
The Stim glitch has long been one of the most controversial bugs in Warzone.

Now, Warzone players are calling for a nerf to the Stims after a TikTok of competitive player Aydan dying to an opponent using one went viral.

In the clip, Aydan lights up an opponent with some accurate shots, only for the enemy to heal up mid-engagement and drop the former Fortnite star.

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Sharing the clip to Reddit, player ‘aur0n‘ said: “Can we please have stims nerfed? This is ridiculous.”

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Plenty quickly echoed the suggestions, arguing that the Stim Shots are overpowered and have been for some time. At the time of writing, the post has over 1,000 upvotes.

One player responded to it asking: “How is something like this still in the game?” Another said: “Broken as f**k. Move at ridiculous speed and get healed while being shot at lmao.”

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As of the time of writing, there are no plans from Raven to adjust Stim Shots, but many casual and competitive players appear to side with calls for them to be weakened. Not only do they heal players up quickly, but can be used while sprinting and hip-firing.

We’ll be the first to let you know if these wishes are granted and changes do come.

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