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Warzone guru JGOD shows how kill cams can make normal players look like hackers

Published: 7/Sep/2021 1:52

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone and hackers have a storied history. But JGOD, using a Dr Disrespect clip, shows why “de-synced” kill cams can make normal players get unfairly accused of cheating.

Whether in casual or competitive environments, accusations against hackers run as rampant as actual cheaters in Warzone lobbies. And one situation escalated to the point where trusted content creator JGOD had to step in and mediate.

During ZLaner’s $50,000 tournament, a player seemed to kill Dr Disrespect in a highly suspicious fashion. The kill cam lets you see how you were taken down and, in Doc’s case, things looked very bizarre — with hit markers seeming to pop up without crosshairs lining up accurately.


With hacks like silent aim existing in the game, Doc’s team was rightfully concerned about the kill. But, as JGOD showed with clips comparing POVs, it appears that it was simply a bugged kill cam — raising questions about accusations, generally.

As you can see from Doc’s POV, it looks like the enemy is getting hit markers before even aiming down sights at him. And that’s reasonably suspicious, as silent aim essentially looks the same.

But, as JGOD points out, the killer’s POV already shows the gun drawn and aimed in before hit markers start popping up. Essentially, the play wasn’t suspicious at all — there’s just spectator lag making the gameplay look illegitimate.


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Dropping into Verdansk can be a paranoia-inducing affair.

Additional factors were brought up in response to JGOD, with popular CoD caster Maven noting that “kill cams are atrocious, but especially bad when it’s a player with high ping like this.” 

So this leaves us with some clear takeaways. The first is that we can’t rely on kill cams to paint an accurate story and the second is that it’ll be nice to have an anti-cheat so that players aren’t dissecting their kill cams out of paranoia.