Warzone players claim they’re “food for cheaters” ahead of Season 4 Reloaded

Joe Craven
Warzone characters dropping out of helicopter

Warzone players are once again frustrated with the battle royale’s hacker situation, claiming that the average player is just “food for cheaters” ahead of Season 4 Reloaded.

Warzone’s major issues with cheating are well documented, with the Call of Duty BR long struggling to get a handle on the prevalence of hackers in the average game.

Despite the implementation of RICOCHET back in December, there have still been issues with cheaters, although the general consensus is that the situation’s overall outlook has been improved.

Regardless, we still see peaks and troughs in terms of the prominence of cheaters and, ahead of Season 4 Reloaded, players are claiming the situation is close to being out of control.

Warzone players “food for cheaters” in Season 4

In a July 22 Reddit post, player ‘GeronimoTM‘ questioned the current cheating situation, asking whether the average player is just there for cheaters to prey on.

“The Warzone experience is atrocious,” they said. “The first thing I noticed after around 40 matches, is that around 1/5 people I am getting killed from and later spectate are blatant cheaters using aim-lock… and [the] worst part is that some of those obvious cheaters have high-level accounts, which are probably worth hundreds of dollars.”

They also pointed to frequent shadow bans on community figures, claiming they’re proof of the prevalence of cheaters. It has all led them to the conclusion: “It makes me question if this game is made for us, everyday players, or if we are just food at this point for cheaters.”

While the post garnered some attention – sitting at over 100 upvotes – not everyone agreed with OP’s sentiment.

One defended RICOCHET and claimed a bigger problem with Warzone right now is “sweaty” lobbies: “I can’t stress this enough. RICOCHET works. So very few cheaters. At the same time, the experience right now changed a lot as most of the casuals left, and your average lobby is above 1KD.”

Naturally, others did echo the sentiment and lamented the fact that cheaters are still regularly encountered, in spite of RICOCHET.

Hopefully, when Warzone 2 launches, all these issues will become irrelevant.