Warzone players angered by “scummy” Battle Pass Tier Skip function

Warzone Season 3 Battle PassActivision / Treyarch

Warzone’s Battle Pass features all kinds of cosmetics and weapon blueprints for players to unlock, but one frustrating feature continues to anger Call of Duty players. 

While the Battle Pass offers free loot for every Warzone and Black Ops Cold War player, the ‘Buy 1 Tier’ feature is still causing trouble in Warzone Season 3. Whether you’re saving for the NecroKing Mastercraft bundle or aiming to keep your COD Points for the Season 4 Battle Pass, accidentally spending the game’s premium currency can prove frustrating. 

Purchasing COD Points doesn’t come cheap either, especially since the game’s most coveted skins cost around 2,400, which equates to $19.99/£16.79. Meanwhile, players that decide to grind the Battle Pass for COD Points will need to invest huge amounts of time in order to claim the free tier rewards. Because of this, many Call of Duty players have been voicing their anger at how easy it is to accidentally purchase a tier skip. 

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Warzone Battle Pass Tier Skip frustrations

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 3 Battle PassActivision
The Season 3 Battle Pass still doesn’t feature a confirmation button.

The full Battle Pass can be purchased with 1,000 COD Points and players will receive 1,300 COD Points throughout its 100 Tiers. This currency can then be used to purchase Bundles within the Store or other cosmetics. As many players will know, ranking up the Battle Pass takes a very long time and it’s designed to reward those that play throughout the current season. 

Despite having a decent variety of in-game content to unlock, Activision has been criticized by fans for the “scummy” way it gets players to spend COD Points. Just like most Battle Pass systems, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War feature a tier skip function. As the name suggests, this allows the user to spend COD Points to skip a level in the Battle Pass. 

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Not only does this enable you to avoid the grinding for that particular level, it will also instantly reward you with the tier’s reward. While this may sound like a great idea, the tier skip will set you back 150 COD Points. “This button is why I’ll never respect Activision, even though I love the game,” says Reddit user Stars_of_Sirius.

“Two times since I started playing Warzone I have accidentally purchased a tier because it’s the same button as skip celebration. This scummy move without a confirmation is 100% intentional.”

As of writing, there is currently no confirmation tab that pops up before you purchase a Battle Pass tier skip. Once you click the selection button, even if by accident, there is no going back. It’s definitely a frustrating feature and one many Call of Duty players believe is intentional. 

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“You get a confirmation to buy your teammate back with Warzone money, but not COD Points. Priorities” continues Stars_of_Sirius. Since starting this thread, many Call of Duty players have chimed in on the matter. “The fact it’s not a hold to confirm is proof this is intentional. So cheap,” writes millsy744. 

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 3 Battle PassActivision / Treyarch
Getting to Tier 100 takes a long time in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Accidentally purchasing a Battle Pass Tier can end up being an incredibly expensive affair, especially if you have to repurchase more COD Points in order to recoup the currency you’ve just accidentally lost. This has also put a number of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War fans off purchasing the Battle Pass completely. 

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“I’ve also hit it accidentally,” says VeterinarianParty192. “Since that happens, it means I can’t put any real money in the game because I could lose it this way.” Whether Activision will address this issue in an upcoming update remains to be seen, but for now, Call of Duty players will need to be extra vigilant when flicking through the game’s Battle Pass.