Call of Duty 2021 reveal set for Warzone live event in Season 4

Activision / Sledgehammer Games

While Activision has remained incredibly quiet when discussing Call of Duty 2021, a new leak suggests that an announcement for Sledgehammer Games’ new title will be present in Warzone Season 4. 

While we still don’t have any official footage, screenshots, or box art showcasing the CoD 2021 title, there have been a number of leaks and rumors floating around the internet. In fact, it was only during a recent earnings call that Sledgehammer Games was confirmed to be the developer of this year’s Call of Duty. Of course, thanks to previous leaks, we’ve already known about this information for some time. 

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Details regarding the era and wider gameplay surrounding CoD 2021 have yet to be revealed, but that hasn’t stopped a number of renowned leakers from digging. Current sources state that the game will be called “Vanguard” and will focus on a traditional World War II setting. According to a recent datamine, the new title is set to be announced in Warzone Season 4.

Potential CoD 2021 announcement in Warzone Season 4

CoD WWII gameplaySledgehammer Games
Call of Duty Vanguard is expected to be a traditional WWII game.

The idea that Warzone would be used to announce the next Call of Duty title is certainly not a new one, especially since Black Ops Cold War was revealed in the same way. When players dropped into Verdansk, there were a number of changes that hinted towards the next title. 

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In order to set the scene, developers had redacted location names, hid map codes around Verdansk, and tasked players with tracking down Woods – one of Black Ops’ main characters.

After completing this task, players were greeted with a reveal trailer that announced Black Ops Cold War. Now, it seems Activision is set to do the same exact thing with the reveal of Call of Duty 2021. According to the renowned leaker, @ZestyCODLeaks, a new event will be coming to Warzone in the Season 4 update. 

“There is a new major event coming called ‘X2’ that will feature the Armoured Train and Ambushes,” says the leaker. “This has been in the files for months now, but it looks like they are finally working on it again. Also, there will be a cutscene after the event: scr_x2_duration_fade_out_movie.”

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It’s also interesting to note that the Black Ops Cold War reveal was named ‘x1_fin’ in the game’s files, so the upcoming reveal does seem to follow this trend. Whether we’ll see a ‘Know Your History’ style video reveal during Warzone Season 4 remains to be seen, but for now, a lot of players will be rightfully excited to see what Activision and Sledgehammer Games have planned.