Warzone looks even better with GTA Vice City intro

Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Caldera don’t have much in common besides palm trees, but one Warzone fan merged the two games into an amazing intro video. 

Call of Duty Vanguard’s iteration of Warzone, Caldera, was released in December. Caldera ditched Verdansk’s urban setting and shipped players to a tropical island surrounded by lush forests and mountains.

Caldera provided a fresh change of pace for Warzone players and a welcomed tonal shift for the game mode. Some players still prefer Warzone’s original map Verdansk, but 71,000 people voted on a poll in February, and surprisingly 51% of people preferred Caldera to Verdansk.

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It is by no means a landslide victory for Caldera, but the map has a huge fanbase and that includes Reddit user jamcowl who made an impressive video featuring Caldera.

GTA Vice City inspired Warzone Pacific intro

The video creates an introduction for CoD’s battle royale mode Warzone in the style of a Grand Theft Auto game. Using Warzone gameplay with the fonts and styling of GTA, the intro is a marriage that many players didn’t know they wanted.

The introduction is mainly based on the intro for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, an installment that is known for its fantastic soundtrack and intro video. Titled “Grand Theft Auto Caldera” Reddit user jamcowl has gotten tons of compliments from other Warzone fans.

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One Reddit user said, “Vice City was the last GTA game I played and I got flooded with nostalgia! Well done! This would have been great for Verdasnk 84.”

In response to the overwhelming support, jamcowl said, “editing this was a labor of love for a weird idea I had and didn’t really know how many people would have played both games and appreciate the mash-up, so I’m glad someone liked it.”

If Activision needs some help making an intro video for Warzone 2, they should give jamcowl a call.

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