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Will Warzone have a console FOV slider in Modern Warfare 2?

Published: 10/Jun/2022 18:49

by Ryan Lemay


A Field of View (FOV) slider is at the top of Warzone console players’ wishlist for Modern Warfare 2 — but will fans finally get what they’ve been hoping for?

FOV is crucial for any First Person Shooter, and with a slider it can be adjusted to change how much of your surroundings are visible at once. With a smaller FOV things will appear extremely zoomed in, while a larger FOV gives a more zoomed-out view.

Warzone is a fast-paced game mode and players need to make split decisions. Seeing an enemy first could be the difference between winning or losing, and console players are tired of being held back from seeing everything around them, especially on next-gen platforms.


Warzone FOV Slider
A higher FOV presents far more information than a lower FOV.

Will Warzone have a FOV slider on Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty: Vanguard currently has a fully customizable FOV on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Warzone players though, do not have that same luxury. The default FOV on console is set to 80, and there’s no way to change it.

PC players are able to adjust the FOV while playing Warzone, however, which does give them an undeniable advantage in cross-platform matches.

Unfortunately for console players, Activision hasn’t confirmed whether or not an FOV slider will be included for console players on Modern Warfare 2. There have been some rumors circulating online that one will be coming to Modern Warfare 2, but those reports can’t be verified or disproven just yet.



Warzone devs’ previous stance on FOV slider

Warzone players previously blasted developers over a confirmation in February that there would be no slider on the console.

CoD developers explained in a blog post that adding a way to adjust FOV “creates major performance impacts for old-gen console players.”

The developers also added, “FOV slider benefits high skilled players mainly.” Whether or not Activision has changed its previous stance remains to be seen.

We will provide an official update when Activision makes an official statement regarding FOV.