Warzone fans demand CoD Mobile blueprint feature

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Warzone weapon blueprints get crazier each year, such as the Godzilla vs. King Kong crossover and a new Terminator Skin coming soon. Players want a better way of showing off their unique weapon skins, and that feature already exists in CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile boasts an impressive player count, and the free-to-play mobile game is not just a carbon copy of Warzone. CoD Mobile is a massive title that has some remarkable features Warzone doesn’t even offer.

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A slight problem for weapon blueprints in Warzone is when you equip different attachments than the original blueprint attachments; the gun loses its appearance. CoD Mobile has a solution to this issue, and Warzone fans want it implemented.

The Armored Titan weapon blueprint goes right along with the skin.

CoD Mobile’s weapon blueprint solution

A Reddit user made a thread discussing weapon blueprints and said, “I find it funny that a free-to-play game has a solution for weapon blueprint attachments, but Vanguard and Warzone don’t.”

The CoD Mobile feature allows players to change a weapon’s attachments without the weapon blueprint changing. For example, if you put a drum magazine on the weapon above, the gun wouldn’t visually have a drum magazine in-game.

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One user explained the feature by saying, “Ice Drake Mastercraft looks cool, but meta attachments completely butcher the appearance. With the default look button, you can use the meta attachments while keeping the appearance of the attachments the blueprint came with.”

A second person added the feature, “definitely should be in the game.”

Warzone players would no longer have to pick and choose weapon blueprints based on the blueprints’ original attachments.

It will be interesting to see if Warzone 2 offers a similar feature.

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