Warzone climbing tips and tricks – best jump-up spots & secrets

Theo Salaun
warzone bloc 6 public houseInfinity Ward

Movement and positioning are key to success in Call of Duty: Warzone, but some of the best climbing spots and tricks have remained secrets — until now.

Many players already know that there is a way to climb Verdansk’s dam, and that there are various boxes and ledges you can utilize across the map to reach difficult locations or begin engagements from surprising locations. 

However, for those who are trying to up their gameplay and movement techs, it’s useful to see some of the sneakier tricks that they can begin taking advantage of (or be prepared for more experienced opponents to take advantage of).

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Infinity Ward
Torsk Bloc’s Twin Apartment Complex is a particularly tough rooftop to contest.

Of course, these can’t be fully comprehensive ,as the map is huge — but these examples should serve to show some mantling techs and climbing or jumping tricks that you can replicate across similar environments. 

We’ll break down two examples from the map’s more common buildings found Downtown and elsewhere, two near the rocky terrain and confusing tunnel near Dam and, finally, two showing how you can use cars or deployable covers to create your own unique approaches.

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Mantling and jumping onto ledges

Proving why movement techs are so useful in Warzone, Redditor ‘jhz123’ showed off absurd map awareness at the Public House in Verdansk’s Bloc 6 by gingerly mantling onto a nearby fence and jumping onto the building’s second floor, much to the surprise (and dismay) of a team he eventually wipes.

This is a niche spot, but shows that you should try and take advantage of any nearby fences and structures that can be mantled upon when engaging with a building. 

A more common example will be the ledge jump you can pull off at Torsk Bloc’s Twin Apartment Complexes. These provide the most verticality in the area, with ledges and cover that make it hard to contest from below.

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Like most rooftops in Warzone, taking stairs or an elevator up into a waiting team is almost always a death sentence. 

However, as Youtuber ‘Drift0r’ shows, if a team is waiting for you to push through the doorway, you can sneakily jump and mantle onto the building’s ledge to push them from a surprise angle. The same opportunity won’t be there on every building, but players should keep an eye out for creative ways to use ledges and windows for unique angles.

Rock and ramp mechanics

Rocks are a nightmare in Warzone and the tunnel near Dam is a particular nuisance, as it combines the steepness of Dam with the surroundings of confusing rocky terrain. It’s just a weird area, but seeing ways to overcome it can help players see how you can deal with awkward movement interactions.

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On one side, Youtuber ‘Kurt Perry’ shows that you can use a nearby barricade to jump onto the tunnel’s ramped edge, from which you can essentially wall bounce between the tunnel’s structure and surrounding rocks until you are able to mantle onto the high ground with a climbable rock.

It’s not the smoothest mobility, but proves that where there is a will, there is a way.

On the other side of the tunnel, the Atlanta FaZe’s Preston “Priestahh” Greiner showed a nifty spot to the Dallas Empire’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter, who was struggling to find a way above the tunnel. 

Instead of using a nearby barricade, Priestahh shows Crimsix that you can utilize a portapotty to get the verticality needed to mantle above the tunnel and onto the rocky high ground. 

Cars and covers: portable mobility

Finally, sometimes you don’t need to rely upon the map’s nearby scenery if you can make your own. The most common example of this is seen in various clips of players using Warzone’s trucks and cars to hit unique positioning plays.


As shown by ‘Lucky_-1y’ on Reddit, these plays have verged on memes. But they’re still worth being aware of since they can be pulled off at nearly every single two-floor house in the game, and most campers are too busy nervously staring down a stairwell to notice you finding a way into the window behind them.

More discreet than positioning a bright red car on your opponent’s minimap, players can also use deployable covers for innovative mobility options.

Police Stations are particularly useful in Warzone as they offer an ammo cache on the ground floor and, typically, their rooftops can only be accessed by ladders—making them hard to contest from below.


The creative ‘Mikyuno’ on Reddit showed an alternative, though, by being using a deployable cover on the second floor’s ledge to mantle onto the roof without his opponent having any idea what was happening.

In sum, these are not all of the game’s secret spots and tricks—nor can these tricks be used across all locations. But they touch on a wide variety of scenery you’ll encounter throughout Verdansk.

Most importantly, these should help give a sense of the mechanics you can use to your advantage and the mindset needed to do so.