How to climb up the Dam in Warzone

Calum Patterson
Infinity Ward

Ever been stuck at the bottom of the dam as the final circles are closing in on Warzone? You may have given up all hope and accepted your loss, but thankfully, some adventurous players have discovered it’s actually possible to scale the entire thing.

It’s not controversial to say that Warzone characters are probably the worst climbers in any battle royale game. Your player model will often struggle to mount small mounds of rocks, so expecting them to run up a near-vertical Dam wall should be impossible.

But, it turns out that the characters are actually surprisingly deft at running, at full sprint, up the entirety of the dam – if done correctly.

Dam location in WarzoneInfinity Ward
Getting stuck at the bottom of the dam in Warzone is a nightmare – but not anymore.

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Any experienced Warzone player will know that this trick is literally a matter of life or death, winning or losing. Most players assume it impossible to run up the Dam, and so were forced to take the long way round, but if a circle is closing in, you often won’t have time.

Thankfully, after countless failed attempts, players have now found a way.

How to climb the Warzone Dam

There are actually two spots where it’s possible to climb the entirety of the Dam, and they’re on opposite ends. On the right side of the dam, you’ll need to use the ladder up to the platform, and then run along the ledge, as shown by YouTuber AlphaTube.

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The second technique is helpful if the circle is closing on the other side of the dam. This time you’ll need to reach the roof of the buildings below the dam itself, and then use the red pipes to make your way onto the surface.

Once there, it’s as simple as running straight up, as shown by YouTuber MonkeyHell14. But, this one gets a lot harder once you’re up on the rocks, as you’ll need to carefully navigate these to mantle to the top.

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Considering it will still take some clambering on the rocks once you’re at the top, you probably want to avoid cutting it too close with the circle. But, there’s no doubt that this is much faster than taking the long way, around the entire dam itself.

Also, bear in mind that as this knowledge spreads throughout the community, you’ll no longer be safe from your back at the top of the dam. So make sure to keep watching your back now – as you never know who else knows this trick.

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