Warzone players want “cringe” Urzikstan intro removed already

Connor Bennett
Commander Graves in Warzone pointing at characters

Warzone players are demanding that the new intro to games on Urzikstan be removed already, with many calling it “cringe” and “too long” of a cutscene. 

When Modern Warfare 3 was first released at the start of November, many Warzone fans were disappointed that the battle royale wasn’t going to be integrated right away. 

That integration had to wait until Season 1, which went live on December 6, bringing in a new map in the form of Urzkistan, a whole host of weapon changes, some new guns, and plenty of other quality-of-life updates. 

On top of that, when you start up a game on Urzikstan, you’ll be greeted with a new cutscene where, before being deployed to Warzone, you meet with Commander Graves as he gives you the basics. However, it’s taken less than a day for it to become a pretty big bugbear for players. 

Warzone players ‘cringing’ at Commander Gaves intro for Urkzistan already

That’s right, Warzone fans have already started complaining about the new intro, with many saying it is “cringe” and needs to be taken out already. Some even want them to copy Apex Legends’ way of doing things. 

“Agreed it’s very cringe, especially after seeing it once. They need to just learn from Apex and instead of doing these stupid intros just let us do customizable player cards that show off lifetime wins/damage/kills/etc at the beginning of the game and maybe show things like kill leader throughout the match,” suggested one player. 

“I think it should only be in the first match of Warzone,” added another. “The intro is too long,” another said. “This guy’s voice is unbearable. It’s all throughout the game. So damn annoying,” commented another. 

Some players even compared it to the ship crashing into Verdansk cutscene from all the way back in 2021, which caused some headaches – literally – because of the noise it made. 

Obviously, it’s unlikely that things will change so soon after the Season 1 update, but it might be something for the devs to consider moving forward.

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