Warzone 2 players claim footstep audio is “worst in gaming history”

Philip Trahan
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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are frustrated with the game’s footstep audio, calling it the “worst in gaming history.”

When playing in multiplayer games, like Warzone 2, with a competitive mindset, one of the most important aspects of the experience is audio.

Audio is a major factor in pinpointing enemy locations, movement, and even getting the drop on unsuspecting players. That’s why when audio balance is out of whack it can get under fans’ skins.

Now, Warzone 2 fans are venting their frustrations surrounding the game’s current audio balancing — specifically surrounding footstep audio — and have called it the “worst in gaming history.”

Warzone 2 fans are not happy with footstep audio

A post on the CODWarzone subreddit gained traction after one fan posted a brief clip that showed an example of its poor footstep audio.

The video showed a player looking for enemies from a window before getting suddenly ambushed and killed from behind by another player. The OP captioned the clip with text that read: “Anyone who doesn’t think this is the worst footstep audio in gaming history is delusional. Embarrassing that a game of this caliber even considered a ranked mode.”

Plenty of fans in the comments agreed, as one mentioned, “Wz1 audio was A+ compared to what we have now.”

Another joked that it was simply the building they were in that contributed to the footstep audio. “That building has a high-end flooring system with sound insulation. Never ever try running into the rich people building.”

Others noted that the audio balance as a whole seemed out of whack, with one fan noting the announcer’s voice can be heard loud and clear. “Foot audio periodically disappears entirely, but you gotta get your ears blown out about that DATA HEIST. Man some parts of this game are a complete joke.”

Perfecting a game’s audio balancing is no doubt a gargantuan undertaking for a developer, considering many players likely use very different audio setups when playing. However, it’s clear that Warzone 2 players want to see some changes made — especially surrounding footsteps.

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