Modern Warfare 2 players slam removal of Y-Y reload canceling

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Y-Ying used to offer advantages, but it devolved into nothing more than a habit for CoD veterans. Modern Warfare 2 shockingly removed the legacy feature, and players aren’t happy.

A Y-Y refers to players canceling a reload and switching to their secondary weapon. The mechanic used to help players deal with idle sway, canceled reloads, and helped keep their fingers warm, constantly swapping between weapons.

The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta went live today for Playstation players who pre-ordered any edition. Players get their hands on four core 6v6 maps and one 32v32 Battle Map for the Beta’s first weekend.

Players are in for a rude awakening booting up Modern Warfare 2 for the first time and finding out you can no longer Y-Y. Someone should probably check in with CDL pro ‘Kenny’ who infamously Y-Ys at any given opportunity.

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Modern Warfare 2 no longer allows players to Y-Y.

Modern Warfare 2 removes Y-Y reload canceling

CharlieINTEL posted a clip on Twitter explaining why reload canceling no longer works in Modern Warfare 2.

“The saved state for a magazine is when it is removed, meaning you cannot cancel the reload after that point. It will force you to finish it regardless.”

Essentially you have to complete the entire reload animation before switching weapons. Y-Ying allowed you to change weapons without completing the animation.

The change seems minute on paper, but Hector ‘HECZ’ Rodriguez, OpTic Gaming CEO, joked that CoD is dead after removing the Y-Y.

One CoD player responded to CharlieINTEL’s Tweet, saying, “this has gotten me killed like 7 times, but I’m going to adapt to it.”

A second user added, “they are removing everything that the community liked.”

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta does not accurately represent the game’s final build, so some features are subject to change. Infinity Ward created a Reddit Thread for players to voice any concerns.