Warzone 2 players claim removed feature makes it harder to detect cheaters


Warzone 2 players were outraged after a recently removed feature makes it harder to detect foul play in matches.

Hacking has been a problem in Call of Duty since the beginning. It’s an issue the developers have constantly battled in an attempt to stop it from plaguing the game.

Warzone 2 players often use their kill-cams to identify hackers and cheaters, but now that ability has been removed. In the new Season 2 of Warzone 2, the removal of kill-cams shocked players. Their confusion resulted in an official statement from developers Infinity Ward, stating they were investigating their disappearance.

Warzone killcamActivision / Reddit

Warzone 2 players criticize kill-cam removal

In a Reddit post made on February 18, Warzone 2 players criticize the new choices made by Infinity Ward to remove the kill-cam.

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User atiustirawa pointed out how the absence of kill-cams make it easier for hackers to get away with cheating. They stated, “If I see someone obviously cheating, I can report them. Now that there are no more kill-cams, I can’t report obvious cheaters.”

Killcams have traditionally been used to catch cheaters in Call of Duty games, allowing players to see when someone is using hacks or exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Without this feature, it is more difficult for players to detect and report cheaters, which could harm the overall integrity of the game.

Despite Infinity Ward stating they weren’t sure what issue had caused kill-cams to be removed, some players theorized they were removed on purpose. “It’s not a problem if you can’t confirm it. High IQ, low-cost solution,” one player stated, implying kill-cams were removed to dissuade reports.

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Another commented, “They probably shut it off due to the sheer amount of cheat reports they receive on a daily basis on regular players. Then having to deal with account reviews so those regular players can get their accounts back after a false report was made. Nobody can admit they were outplayed.”