Warzone 2 expert questions whether weapon blueprint actually does anything

Best M4 loadout in Warzone 2Activision

WhosImmortal tested a Warzone 2 M4 blueprint for pay-to-win advantages, but a lack of transparency shrouds its legitimacy in doubt.

Paying money to get a leg up on the competition has drawn criticism from Warzone 2 community members. Players slammed “shameless” Season 3 DMZ bundles, awarding free UAVS, bonus perks, and more, by just pulling out a credit card.

Activision slightly backtracked and nerfed one of the bundle’s abilities. The developers received more pushback when access to Building 21 in DMZ was denied. Charlieintel discovered that the locale would no longer be accessible unless they purchased MW2. The developers reassured fans that Building 21 is still free for all players, and that a bug caused these issues.

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Pay-to-win speculation returned to the spotlight, as an M4 weapon blueprint is rumored to do more damage than its base counterpart.

WhosImmortal attempts to debunk Warzone 2 pay-to-win rumors

WhosImmortal put on his detective hat and attempted to solve a Warzone 2 conspiracy theory. It was brought to his attention that the Singularity M4 weapon blueprint outperformed the base weapon. The YouTuber recalled a MAC-10 blueprint in Warzone 1 that had increased stats compared to the stock version.

By going into a private match, WhosImmortal compared the two M4s to see if there was a pay-to-win advantage. He concluded that the damage to the head, torso, and limbs was the same. Next, the YouTuber fired both weapons at a wall and concluded they had the same recoil pattern.

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WhosImmortal found no differences through testing, but that isn’t enough to make a definitive case. The developers do not reveal information on attachment tuning for weapon blueprints, and the YouTuber believes that’s an issue.

“The problem is that I tuned this for the most optimal way to tune weapons, but because the Singularity is a Pro-Tuned blueprint, I don’t know how they are tuning this.”

The bars in the bottom left of the Gunsmith screen indicate damage, range, and other key stats, but the YouTuber argued that those stats are never accurate either.

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“There is a lack of transparency that doesn’t give us a clear answer on whether this blueprint is pay-to-win.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to discern whether or not the weapon blueprint gives players an advantage, but we’ll keep you updated if that changes.

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